Partners in Elder Care Planning

The complex issues facing seniors and their families in all areas of life present unique
challenges when starting the process of planning for estate and asset protection, as well as
current health concerns or decline. In the highly specialized area of senior life and Medicaid
planning, experience and compassion are critical elements when choosing who you can trust
to develop the best plan for your loved ones. It's not just the name, it's the professionals
with the knowledge, credentials and experience behind it that define it's value.

Clear Answers to Complex questions…

  • "My wife just had a stroke and was placed in a nursing home. I am afraid of losing everything we
    worked for all our lives and running out of money to take care of me!"
  • "Mom is in an assisted living facility and we need to sell her home to help pay the bills. She has
    Alzheimer's and cannot sign a deed. Can I sell her home for her?"
  • "Dad needs Assisted Living but doesn't have enough assets to cover 2 years of costs – would he qualify to receive Veteran's Benefits to help pay for his care?"
  • "My dad can't drive anymore, and needs help with his personal care needs. He wants to stay in his own
    home, but I live out of state and can't be there to help. What are our options?"
  • My parents want to protect their assets – how do they do that with the 5 year look back rule and what
    happens if they need a nursing home sooner?"

Attorney Thomas Clougherty, Esq. CFP®, CELA* and Rita Evans, RN-CCM® know that these questions can only be
answered by experienced, dedicated professionals who solve challenges like these on a daily basis – with
over 18 years of combined experience, they have helped thousands of individuals and families in all phases
of planning for long-term care. One of the most common questions from children of aging parents who have
done inadequate planning or none at all is: How can I avoid making the same mistakes my parents made?